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Embrace the Future of Search: February 12th & 13th, 2024

Social Search Summit

The Summit is over!


BUT – You can still watch the presentations and access the VIP Product bundle with a VIP Pass!

Get ahead of the trend and refine your online presence for search engines.  This Summit offers in-depth, targeted tutorials led by industry-leading experts in blogging, social media, and search marketing

A Trailblazing Two-Day Virtual Event Exclusively for Forward-Thinking  business owners

Are you ready for the future of search?

Search behaviour has entered a new era

Search is Changing: Users Are Searching Beyond Google

YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest are increasingly becoming the go-to options for serving up speedy answers in a trendy, relatable, human-first way.


Social platform giants like TikTok and Instagram have also gotten on board and are now incorporating the power of search.


There is a “search revolution” happening. I promise, you’ll want to get in on this now. 

Search is evolving, are you?
- SOURCE: Hubpost & Business Insider


31% of consumers use social over traditional search engines.


29% of Gen Z and Millennials (combined) prefer to search for information on social platforms over actual search engines


40% of Gen Z prefer searching on TikTok and Instagram over Google

Using Social SEO & Search Marketing For Long Term Business Growth

Of course, Google is still thriving, but part of the secret that few are talking about lies in using social search and traditional search engines (together or separately) to create evergreen discoverability.

This isn’t just a Summit…

  • Master Social SEO: learn how to leverage TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram & LinkedIn for increased visibility
  • Maximize your content’s impact: from sustainable blogging strategies to repurposing, driving more sales  and engaging in omnipresence marketing
  • Current & practical SEO techniques and strategies: implement actionable tips for long term growth and online success
  • Learn data-driven marketing and analytics:  tap into the power of making decisions based on what’s working and what’s not to optimize for evergreen success

The Social search summit: master the art of discoverability

Let’s stop piecing together outdated tips and strategies for search

👉 Learn how to create evergreen content strategically aligned with user intent 

👉 Learn how to set up and maintain basic systems for SEO, social platforms, and your website or blog

👉 Master how to conduct research and optimize your search strategy 

👉 Learn how to effectively do keyword research 

And don’t worry, you don’t need to do all the things.

The beauty of optimizing for social and traditional search is that you can implement what feels right for you and still continue to see growth– even if you choose to focus on one thing at a time.

So, if you’re looking for a solution that will help you:

Reach the right people at the right time based on user intent which positions you as the no-brainer solution to a problem

Continuously get discovered months and years after you’ve posted your content (either on your blog or on social) – because *that one query* is still trending

Get more out of your content by focusing on repurposing and optimizing it across multiple social platforms

Capture the attention of people outside your existing followings so that you can expand your reach and grow your audience

And most importantly, if you’re looking to focus on an evergreen, self-care-based social and search strategy in 2024… 

The Social Search Summit is for you.

We’ve created this first-of-its-kind learning opportunity

Become an early adopter – and learn with our expert leaders & visionaries.  Create a digital ecosystem that not only feels good but actually gets you leads and revenue in 2024. 

I need this! 

This isn't just a standard summit.
It's a trailblazing experience.

Learn from subject-matter experts with proven success in leveraging search.

You’ll get access to 30+ short and actionable tutorials to help you optimize your online presence using smart search strategies

How to create content tailored for social search optimization

You’ll learn how to leverage user intent and the words that prospects are *actually* typing into search engines so you can enhance your visibility.

How to maximize your social search marketing

Gain cutting edge insights and training into blending SEO with social media  

How to leverage Pinterest’s visual search

Learn how to use a combination of keywords, best practices, and the power of visual graphics to get more views and drive more traffic to your blog or website.

How to optimize your website and blog using SEO

Learn the current best practices for creating a SEO strategy in 2024

This isn't your average speaker lineup.

It's a curated list of hand-selected experts.

Amber Figlow headshot
Amber Figlow

Content Strategist
How to Create a Content System and Get Your S**T Organized
Brittney Gardner headshot
Britney Gardner

Content Strategist
Evergreen Content How-To’s: Picking Topics & Repurposing Well
Jamar Diggs headshot
Jamar Diggs

Low-Lift Marketing Expert + YouTube Strategist
Creating Low-Lift YouTube Search Funnels
Andrew Chadwick headshot
Andrew Chadwick

Co-Founder – Keyword Insights
Evolving With The SERPs – Search Experience Optimisation Vs Search Engine Optimisation
Amanda Jordan headshot
Amanda Jordan

Director of Digital Strategy
Identifying Competitor SEO Strengths & Weaknesses
Mikayla Taylor headshot
Mikayla Taylor

Search Engine Optimization Strategist & Educator
CEO’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization
Dana Nicole headshot
Dana Nicole

Writer + Consultant
How to write user-friendly content: Putting users first in an algorithm-driven world
Vaenisaa Sandrasagren headshot
Vaenisaa Sandrasagren

Product Marketing Manager
Classifying and Prioritizing your Keywords with Keywords Everywhere
Kristin Lawton headshot
Kristin Lawton

Owner and Chief Marketing Mixologist
My ChatGPT Recipe for Effortless SEO Content
Ruth Adeyemi headshot
Ruth Adeyemi

Firecracking SEO Coach
Content and Image Optimization for Google Search
Kellli headshot

SEO Strategist
The Power of AI-Driven SEO for Service Providers
Dana DiTomaso headshot
Dana DiTomaso

Founder & Lead Instructor
ChatGPT + GA4 = Better Insights
Niqueea Sykes headshot
Niqueea Sykes

eCommerce SEO Expert
How to use SEO as your 24/hr salesman | More Awareness, Traffic, and Sales through Google Search
Jyll Saskin Gales headshot
Jyll Saskin Gales

Marketing Coach
How to get your business discovered on Google ASAP
Kirk Buchanan headshot
Kirk Buchanan

Business Consultant
Content Gap Mastery: Uncover Zero-Competition Opportunities
Brittany Long headshot
Brittany Long

CEO of Impact Driven AI
Improving SEO with the Help of AI
Stephanie O'Keefe headshot
Stephanie O’Keefe

WordPress Designer + SEO Strategist
Search-Worthy Sites | How to Design Your Website to Show Up in Search Results
Rose Guthrie headshot
Rose Guthrie

Marketing Operations Consultant
How to Systemise Your SEO Process for Content Creation
Philippa Gamse headshot
Philippa Gamse

President – Websites That Win
Is Your Website Springing a Leak?
Mike Friedman headshot
Mike Friedman

SEO Consultant
Generating AI Content in the World of Google’s Helpful Content Update
Latasha Doyle headshot
Latasha Doyle

Owner of Uncanny Content
Design a Holistic, Organic Content Strategy (That Doesn’t Overwhelm You)
Kinsey Strieb headshot
Kinsey Streib

Marketing Mentor and ChatGPT Enthusiast
5 Steps to Crafting SEO-Driven, Human-Centric Blogs with Chat GPT
Gulce Onganer headshot
Gulce Onganer

YouTube Marketing & Business Architect
The 15 minute workflow to effectively title evergreen YouTube videos
Jane Cunningham headshot
Jane Cunningham

Beauty Journalist
Blogging Is Slow Social – An Interview With Jane Cunningham

Meet your host, Meagan Williamson

Meagan Williamson

Meagan is a seasoned Pinterest Marketing Expert. She leads the Pin Potential Team specializing in empowering online business owners and creators to expand their audience and visibility using sustainable strategies.

With a decade of experience, Meagan is known for her dynamic on-camera personality, and her ability to engage an audience during impactful events, including her 5-day live Pinterest Challenge, as well as the highly successful 2020 Pin Potential Summit.

Meagan will be teaching you how to leverage Pinterest search and beyond for massive growth

You'll walk away with a mind buzzing with inspiration and an EPIC list of ideas.

Are you ready to get ahead of the future of search?
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