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ChatGPT + GA4 = Better Insights

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Meet Dana DiTomaso

Founder & Lead Instructor

Dana is Founder & Lead Instructor at KP Playbook and President & Partner at Kick Point, where she helps people and teams do better marketing. Alongside the team at Kick Point, Dana teaches people and teams how to set goals and track results so that they understand what strategies and tactics bring real value. In addition to speaking at conferences about reporting and analytics, SEO, and brand building, Dana is the weekly technology columnist on CBC Edmonton AM, and she teaches analytics at the University of Alberta.

In her spare time, she enjoys yelling at football players and collecting hobbies.

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GA4 Export Helper for ChatGPT

This tool streamlines exporting Google Analytics 4 data for ChatGPT analysis, guiding you through selecting data sources, date ranges, and pages for an easy export process.
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