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Meagan Williamson

Meagan Williamson

Meagan is a seasoned Pinterest Marketing Expert. She leads the Pin Potential Team specializing in empowering online business owners and creators to expand their audience and visibility using sustainable strategies.

With a decade of experience, Meagan is known for her dynamic on-camera personality, and her ability to engage an audience during impactful events, including her 5-day live challenge that takes place 2-3 times per year, as well as the highly successful 2020 Pin Potential Summit.

Meagan is known for hosting high-value, no-gate-keeping live events full of no-fluff talks. She understands the importance of organizing teachings that are not based on theoretical or abstract learnings but rather those that focus on providing attendees with practical tips and actionable takeaways.

Your Summit Speakers:

Director of Digital Strategy,
Amanda started her journey as a SEO in 2011. She loves tackling complex problems for clients. Her background is in local, legal and enterprise SEO. When Amanda’s not working, she enjoys playing with her dogs and beating her son in Mario Kart.
Content Strategist,
Amber Figlow is a Content Strategist, Creator, and Speaker and she serves and educates women business owners in the creative industry. She has helped hundreds of small business owners through her 1:1 services, her membership, her products, and as a content ecosystems expert. With over 10 years of experience as a “side-hustler” turned freelancer turned full-time entrepreneur, she has spent her time learning the ins and outs of the digital marketing space working for Fortune 500 companies, local small businesses, and now running a successful small business of her own!
Co-Founder – Keyword Insights,
Andy Chadwick has been in SEO for the best part of a decade. He co-founded Snippet Consulting (a boutique SEO consultancy based in the UK) and Keyword Insights (a content marketing tool used by international organisations). He’s worked in-house and agency and specialises in keyword research and content marketing.
CEO of Impact Driven AI,
Brittany Long is an award-winning former educator who works with entrepreneurs to automate their businesses for a regret-free life. Through the use of AI and evergreen strategies, she takes Fridays off and shows other entrepreneurs how to do it too. Brittany is known for her out-of-the-box thinking and engaging, helpful, actionable, trainings in AI and evergreen emails.
Founder & Lead Instructor,
Dana is Founder & Lead Instructor at KP Playbook and President & Partner at Kick Point, where she helps people and teams do better marketing. Alongside the team at Kick Point, Dana teaches people and teams how to set goals and track results so that they understand what strategies and tactics bring real value. In addition to speaking at conferences about reporting and analytics, SEO, and brand building, Dana is the weekly technology columnist on CBC Edmonton AM, and she teaches analytics at the University of Alberta. In her spare time, she enjoys yelling at football players and collecting hobbies.
YouTube Marketing & Business Architect,
Gulce Onganer is a full time YouTube content creator, video marketing strategist & the founder of Video Sales Mastery based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She helps ambitious online coaches, consultants & service providers go from unknown to in demand with videos that get clicked, get watched & get paid. Video Sales Mastery offers VIP days, intimate group programs & done-for-you YouTube channel management services.
Low-Lift Marketing Expert + YouTube Strategist,
Jamar Diggs is a Low-lift Marketing Expert + YouTube Strategist for leaders who want to make marketing only 10% of their CEO activity and focus on doing the work they love. He takes his corporate marketing experience from working in large marketing departments like and to help his clients create a content strategy and marketing system that will generate results for years.
Beauty Journalist,
Jane Cunningham, beauty journalist (The Daily Express, The Daily Mail, FT How To Spend It, Vogue Russia, Metro, Daily Telegraph, The Times and more) turned blogger – she founded just at the beginning of blogging in the UK (14 years ago!) after following USA blogger, Blogdorf Goodman. Jane has worked with all the beauty names across the years and has collaborated on make up collections for both Revolution Beauty and Marks & Spencer. Jane created BBB Beauty Boxes ahead of the curve and most recently created a cleansing bar for retail. She lives in London with her husband and puppy, with two grown up children successfully adulting from their own homes in London and Sweden
Marketing Coach,
Jyll Saskin Gales is a marketing coach, consultant and trainer. She advises business owners across industries and sizes, helping them get the best ROI from their marketing. Jyll teaches at Google for Startups, Camp Tech, Jelly Academy, Elevate, The DMZ, boutique agencies, Fortune 100 companies and her own Learn with Jyll platform. She is TikTok’s resident @the_google_pro with more than 60,000 followers tuning in for her bite-sized, actionable marketing tips. Jyll previously worked at Google for 6 years and has an MBA from Harvard Business School.
SEO Strategist,
Kelli is a certified Showit Website Design Partner and SEO Strategist at Âme Creatives. With a passion for empowering female entrepreneurs to embrace their bold dreams, Kelli leverages strategy, design, and insightful SEO to elevate their online presence. She’s dedicated to taking brands to the next level and improving their online presence, one brand at a time.
Marketing Mentor and ChatGPT Enthusiast,
Kinsey is a branding and marketing expert who helps down-to-earth entrepreneurs show up online without wasting your time or selling your soul. With her Authentic AI podcast and course library, she shares strategies for leveraging ChatGPT and AI tools as a small business owner – without sacrificing your authenticity in the process. Tune into her podcasts or connect with her on Instagram for genuine AI tips and resources!
Owner and Chief Marketing Mixologist,
Ready to grow your brand and get a handle on your marketing once and for all without the overwhelm? Then you need marketing mixologist Kristin Lawton of District Brand Bar behind the bar with you. With over two decades of experience in brand and marketing strategy, Kristin is the go-to expert for solopreneurs and small business owners. Her approach is designed to save you time, eliminate choice overwhelm, and set you on a path to effortless growth. If you’re looking to craft a brand that not only resonates but also captivates, Kristin has the recipe for your success.
Owner of Uncanny Content,
Latasha is the owner of Uncanny Content, a full-service content strategy and copywriting agency. She works exclusively with women, queer, disabled, and POC-owned businesses to help amplify their reach in realistic-yet-innovative ways. By focusing on holistic content marketing strategies, Latasha and her team help marginalized brands and business owners make the impact they want to make — without burning themselves out in the process.
Search Engine Optimization Strategist & Educator,
“Mikayla Taylor is your go-to SEO strategist, educator, and website’s biggest cheerleader! She’s passionate about helping women and mom entrepreneurs connect with their online communities. Her journey began in 2019, during a medical break from the corporate world. She swiftly fell in love with the online community spirit. As a chronic illness blogger, copywriter, and website designer, Mikayla wore many hats. But her heart truly belongs to SEO – the art of boosting brands to Google stardom. Today, she empowers women and mompreneurs through her Search Engine Success Lab Membership and digital products.”
eCommerce SEO Expert,
Niqueea is the founder of the eCommerce SEO Marketing Agency, The Marketing Prophet. With over 10+ years of experience working with large e-commerce brands like JoAnn Fabrics, Justice Tween Brands, and Disney, to smaller service-based brands like your local law firms and coffee shops, Niqueea helps brands increase their digital visibility online through search. She believes that your target audience lives all around the world and they need a product or service you sell yet, don’t know you exist. She teaches how SEO can be your 24-hour salesman, helping you get the attention (or awareness) of your target audience through Google search, rank on the first page of Google for keywords your target audience is using to find a service or product you offer and drive more targeted leads and potential customers to your website.
President – Websites That Win,
Philippa is an Internet veteran of more than 25 years, author, and international business school faculty. Owners and marketing executives of small to medium-sized companies hire her to find actionable insights in their digital analytics that will grow their business and reduce wasted spending, because many are missing those “hidden gems”. She translates the metrics into creative ideas to move the business forward, and designs effective, data-driven digital strategies to achieve goals and maximize return on investment.
Marketing Operations Consultant,
Rose is a Marketing Operations Consultant who has worked on online marketing for 9 years! She has combined her expertise in Digital Marketing, Automation, Tech & Data and now commits her time helping marketing teams of 5+ to create systems that help generate predictable revenue efficiently, without wasting money & time on things that don’t matter.
WordPress Designer + SEO Strategist,
Steph O’Keefe is the Founder and Creative Director behind Southern Creative, a full-service WordPress web design and SEO company that helps service-based businesses kiss tech overwhelm goodbye and say hello to their dream websites. She’s passionate about creating strategy-backed + search-worthy WordPress sites that effortlessly connect brands with their ideal clients.
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